Pre-Seed Workshop

The PSW is an efficient methodology to investigate the commercial potential of new inventions based on academic R&D.

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The PSW is a 2-½ day community event where teams build companies—not the physical structures, but the foundational plans. The PSW rallies highly-skilled community talent and resources around academic researchers with patented inventions. Six to eight teams are created per workshop. The teams are led through a series of structured hands-on sessions where they investigate the commercial merit of ideas and organize the ideas to move forward. They transform potentially commercializable technologies into pre-seed stage companies. Teams leave the workshop with a thin commercialization plan for a new start-up or an alternate plan for a path forward. Those that move forward are generally "fed" into incubators or other community programs for further growth and development.

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Pre-Seed Workshop Six-Year Study 2004-2010

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"I normally hesitate to give perfect scores, as this is not usually a great way of giving feedback.  On the other hand, here I think the material truly is excellent.  Great, great workshop."

Ithaca PSW, November 2006

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